Teach English abroad in China – ESL Jobs in a Booming Country

Exciting ESL teaching job opportunities in China are available now!

Travel abroad is a unique and special experience. Truly LIVING that experience is even more rare. Right now, China is at a crossroads in it’s history. There is no better time to teaching job and live in the Far East. In fact, a case can be made the uniqueness of the experience may be quickly fading! Development is occurring at a staggering rate all throughout China. At the same time, evidence of the oldest and most diverse culture in the world can still be found all around you. Imagine standing in front of an ancient temple in Beijing, just after using the new, modern subway…. eating a delicious dumpling at an old market stand in Shanghai right next to their brand new sports stadium…. hiking up the Great Wall, with your Starbucks coffee in hand…. eating spicy local food in Sichuan after teaching your most recent ESL class. Whatever your personal experience in China, you are bound to have a new and exciting experience on a daily basis. Each new day is an adventure!

We have only begun to discuss the many diverse and varied experiences waiting for you in the People’s Republic of China. This is without beginning to discuss the challenges and rewards which arise from learning to speak Chinese, developing friendships with locals and trying to really understand the Chinese perspective on world issues and politics.

Your journey to teach English in China starts now!

If you have decided to get a job teaching English in China, congratulations! You are already unique in making the important decision to expand your horizons and challenge yourself. As we are sure you are experiencing, your family and friends may be skeptical about this decision. Have confidence in what is sure to be a life changing path! Your travels will soon lead you to discover many more people who share your passion for exploration, travel and broadening your horizons! You will certainly make connections with locals and Chinese friends often go out of their way to make guests feel comfortable and settled (you may feel your hosts help you TOO much at times!). Your best friend may be from England, Canada, US, South Africa, New Zealand or Australia. It’s all a part of the experience of living and teaching abroad!

English Teaching Jobs at Reputable Schools in China

Deciding WHERE you are going to teach in China is a difficult and stressful decision. There are a myriad of choices available and they don’t always appear to be of the most reputable variety! That’s where American Education Alliance comes in. We CAREFULLY screen any school we work with. During your interview, we mean it when we tell you, “We will only place you at a school we ourselves would work at (and often HAVE worked at previously)”! This is the standard to which AEA holds itself.

You will see as you experience our interview and screening process, we are very careful about the teachers we accept. If you are one of the few we accept, you can be sure we apply the same strict standards to the school locations and ESL teaching jobs we discuss with you!

Your English Teaching Job Duties in China

As you teach English as a second language in China, your job duties will include the following:

– 20-25 in class teaching hours per week
– Office Hours: This will primarily be spent in the preparation of lesson plans. Your school will have materials for you to use during your preparation.

While this might not seem like a demanding job schedule, being in front of a classroom full of children can be a demanding challenge. It takes careful preparation and real caring for your students. On a day to day basis, teachers must prepare lesson plans. An active and interesting classroom atmosphere is always encouraged! For example, the use of visual aids in class is extremely important. As you teach in China it is very effective to have the students attribute an English word to pictures. When a child sees a picture of an animal or tree, it transcends all language barriers! In these ways you will always be challenged to “think outside the box” while you teach English in China. In addition to your time spent in the classroom you will administer tests, grade papers and participate in school meetings with your Chinese teacher peers.

Benefits of a Job as an ESL Teacher

From the moment you land in China, your host school will begin helping you adjust to life in your new home.

Your benefits while teaching English in China will include the following:

  • A monthly salary of between 4,500-6,000RMB
  • Up to four weeks vacation
  • Round-trip airfare
  • Airport pickup
  • FREE housing and meals
  • Work Visa (working visa to legally teach English in China)
  • Health insurance coverage

At American Education Alliance, we support you throughout your year (or more!) teaching ESL. China is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding countries in which to teach English in Asia. If you have a question you would like to ask a fellow westerner, you may contact us. We are happy to answer your questions about life and jobs in China.

We will always do our best to assist you in any way possible during your experience teaching abroad in China!

A campus photo of a typical Chinese high school

For more specific info about the exciting ESL jobs in China, please feel free to contact us at info@amedu.org, or send us your resume, and we will contact you within two buisness days.

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