Who We Are

Headquartered in Pasadena, California, American Education Federation (AEF) is a well-established educational consulting agency dedicated to providing educational consultancy and professional development, connecting worldwide academic entities to promote international education programs, academic skills, and cultural exchanges. AEF has many years of experiences working with partner schools worldwide to create programs that prepare students for success in an interconnected world, excel in core curriculum and allow them acquire valuable 21st century skills.

Teachers are valuable assets of our schools. Teacher instructional effectiveness is the most critical factor by which to improve student achievement and to close the achievement gap. Effective instruction matters most to students. To help master effective instructional skills, AEF runs a variety of training programs in collaboration with several California State University campuses. Every year, we invite hundreds of teachers from abroad to participate in our two-month or three-month training, followed by internships at local schools here in America.

One of the 21st century skills for American students is international and cultural awareness. Based on its extensive resources, AEF helps create partnerships between American schools and schools overseas in the form of sister school exchange programs. Our goal is to help American students develop the sense of global vision while students from other countries learn about America. Through international education exchange programs, AEF not only provides a great opportunity for international students to study in America, but also helps them open their eyes and changes their views of their future and the whole world.  Furthermore, many experienced American teachers bring their first-hand knowledge to schools overseas as well as contribute their international perspectives and share cultures experiences.  Most importantly, AEF builds a long term relationship to promote international education programs focusing on world language education, global awareness, and cultural exposure.